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A recent Tuesday morning at the Palm Jumeirah home of Robert Cristian Trif in Dubai and the actor and producer is cheerfully multitasking, overseeing various obligations in the middle of packing for a quick trip outside Dubai, where he will host an event in cooperation with Samsung. “I’am like a fire now,” Trif laughs. “There’s always a lot going on in my life and always I must be ready to go.” The former super agent now an actor shares more on his movies, about his life change and about his secret diet  and his future. 

It’s been two years since you give up being an sports agent and became an actor. How has the journey been so far?

It’s been amazing so far. I must admit it was not so easy for me because I had to learn allot. But luckily I have allot of determination and ambition left on me so I can move forward and do it. I think once you study acting and understand it , it’s easier if you get the opportunity to act in a movie. From there one it’s another story. You create your own story from there.


Among all the roles in your 3 films you’ve played so far, which would you consider to be the most demanding and trying as an actor?
I actually did 4 movies this year with two more coming up in 2018 to shoot but I would say without hesitation Before Suicide,  that I was filming and is due to be released hopefully next year after going to festivals first. It was emotionally draining to play my character because there was a constant need to remember how much he Alex, my character has been through in his life and everything was going on with him . Although I was extremely tired by the end of it, I felt very satisfied to be that tired because it meant I was giving it everything I could on an emotional and physical level.

The title of the movie has a very strong message to the audience and it’s a real life story. How the idea for making the movie came up?

I was actually working on a script at that time , another drama film that I hope to be released in 2018 ,when my idea came to make Before Suicide. I felt I needed to write the story ,I needed to pass a message to others, pass a message of hope and help others in this way . So I called up my friend and asked his permission to do it and then I started to write the story. It was a challenge even though its a short one because I wanted to portray Alex exactly how he was, chubby, disoriented , sick of life and i had to gain 14 kg for the role. I really wanted to experience the role exactly how he was in real life. It was not easy but at the end I am happy how the story came out.


Speaking of loosing weight. In your new film Seven Days of Revenge you actually have to lose weight during the filming of it towards the end of the movie. You are following a special diet?

I feel you have to be totally dedicated to your roles. I want to be able to see myself being different in every movie I do. My friend Pascal came with the idea of losing weight towards the end of the movie when Peter, the character is shocked to find out that even his wife is betraying him. I think it will be very interesting to see how the movie will be perceived. I  don’t  really follow any special diet for loosing weight. I just stopped eating junky food, I replaced food with fruits and allot of exercised  daily twice.  But it takes as I said before full concentration and dedication to do it. Specially for me its not easy to lose weight because I love food. So yeah this is my biggest challenge now. Kind of.


Your first feature film is a comedy film. How did you started the film? You are not afraid to be portrait only as comedy actor like others who cannot escape the comedy prototype tag?

I don’t. I actually think I can go all the way and play any character and style from comedy to drama or action film. I think I am an versatile actor who can play any character and roles. So I think that an actor must play many different types of films so in this way you kind of escape from being cast only as a comedy actor. And apart from this movie Please choose me as your boyfriend,a comedy, all other movies i did are drama and action films . I had this idea of making a comedy film since long time ago. I hope I will be able to release the film in 2018. A beautiful story and also funny one that I truly recommend to watch.

Did you feel your life has been changed completely since you left sports? Would you change anything?

No. I would never want to change anything. Because I took the right decision when I decided to start acting and its something I want to do for the rest of my life. But yeah I had people coming up to me and asking me the same question many times. Football is football and will be forever in my heart but acting is something really special for me. I get to be whoever I want to be. And that itself its amazing. But the film industry is truly very challenging and sometimes can be very difficult specially  when you try to complete a film alone and the logistics of it its really challenging.

What’s next for you now? 

I truly believe that this year it’s a year of preparation for me and allot of learning to do. So I am looking forward in finishing Seven Days of Revenge  before taking some break to prepare for festivals and focus on other projects that are coming up for me in 2018.

By Tereza Shifiri





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