Cavaricci’s comeback

The LBD, the Le Smoking tuxedo, the envelope dress… the Cavaricci Cateye trouser? Less luxury, but undoubtedly also an icon of a generation.

Image result for cavaricci trousers

Released in 1987, five years after the Californian brand launched, designer Jim Cavaricci’s Cateye trousers made a radical statement. The high-waist, tapered-leg silhouette became ubiquitous with a new wave of cool almost overnight. From kids on the street to pop stars on the TV, the Cateye was an emblem of a hip new attitude flooding the scene. Its unique cut stood out against other fashions of the day and represented a modern way to dress that captured the attention of trendsetters.

To celebrate the designs 30th anniversary, Z. Cavarici is releasing a limited-edition run of only 500 pieces in various colours, fabrics and denim washes. We predict sell-out success is on the cards. Don’t miss your chance to own a slice of style history.


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