Vitamin Lounge – Bangkok


Every now and then a health fad rises to popularity not just because of its purported health benefits but also due to the number of mega-celebrities attesting to their efficacy. One such health fad is Vitamin drips, which rose to mainstream popularity in 2015 as megastars such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Madonna swore to their rejuvenating effects.

One such health fad is Vitamin drips, which rose to mainstream popularity in 2015 as megastars such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Madonna swore to their rejuvenating effects.

Fast forward to 2017, and the said health fad has surpassed being a mere trend, and it’s being offered in many complementary clinics the world over.

One such clinic is taking it up a notch by offering a complete sensory experience while you receive a unique cocktail of vitamins for 30 minutes.

Chiro Health a leading complementary medical center in Bankook brings to you their Vitamin Lounge, taking vitamin drip therapy to an entirely new level.

A clinic known for being a bone and joint, and regenerative center, they also offer a combination of alternative and conventional medicine to patients for a variety of medical conditions.

Chiro health promotes their Vitamin Lounge as “Asia’s First Ever”, with the lounge being more like a chill room where patients don’t just sit on mere chairs inside a clinic, but it’s an actual lounge with reclining chairs and a large projector screen streaming images and relaxing audio is being played.

It’s a small and intimate lounge, and it’s almost pitch black so all you see are the images on the projector screen and all you hear is the relaxing music or sounds, making you relaxed as you get the treatment.

While Chiro health isn’t the first in Bangkok to offer vitamin drips through an IV, they’re the first clinic to provide a virtual-reality type of experience.

Vitamin drips are administered through an IV, where a mixture of vitamins is injected straight into your veins and go directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.  The result, as proponents state, is that the vitamins are better absorbed by the body and the effects are more immediate.

Benefits or effects include an immediate energy boost, alleviation from dehydration, as well as detoxifying your body, curing a hangover, and boosting the immune system.

Other benefits are believed to be anti-aging effects for younger-looking skin, helps lessen symptoms of chronic diseases and much more.  Although there is no scientific evidence to these benefit claims, many advocates support and promote the promising results.

Chiro health’s treatments last for 30 minutes from beginning to end and each vitamin cocktail is made specifically for every patient.  The images projected onto the screen are images of nature, while the audio mimics sounds also found in nature such as the sound of running water, birds chirping, and the like.

You will need to have a consultation and a blood test from one of the in-house physicians at the clinic, where they will use your medical information and your needs to create your personalized vitamin cocktail.

If you wish to give this treatment and the lounge a try, you can find the Chiro

health clinic on the 2nd floor of The Nine Tower, Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand.

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