Robert Cristian Trif on his Last Exit ad and his favorite films



Most apocalyptic loving humans would go considerably out of their way for watching a old style themed film and the Romanian Actor Robert Cristian Trif is no exception. The actor, a big fan of war films and apocalyptic themed films, and Last Exit Dubai owned by Meeras  has appeared in the company’s ads inter fast food brand opening commercial for the first time in his acting career. Fans of apocalyptic films and themes Hollywood classics are sure to enjoy the spot, in which Trif makes cameos in the commercial as Mad X  the commercial main role villain. In honor of the ad’s launch, Celeb Asia spoke with Trif about working on the commercial, and his favorite films.

tank mad x

“When I first  had a discussion about the project I got very excited because I love this style theme classic and old apocalyptic films and when I got to understand the concept required I already started to imagine the role. I was told am going to play the bad guy I said yes immediately and I received a hammer immediately  hahaha. Its been the first time to act in commercials but this one I just could not refuse and I said yes because its one of my favorite type of films. Its was fun and imaginative. ”

Mad X - official pics
In the two minute-long ad, which dropped in 29th  morning, Trif is stuck on a  film set, gazing woefully at the apocalyptic cars. His other warrior Ahmed, is protecting his car along with the other warriors, while the dancers are attacking their cars giving one of the women a chocolate. Trif walks off around the camp looking for them when he is shocked to see that another man inside the restaurant is looking for them too. The add had a comic part too when Trif enters by mistake to the ladies room instead of  going directly to the man’s room. The epic journey ends with the dancers escaping the camp.


The Last Exit Dubai brand is owned by the Meraas Group of companies. Its investments span different sectors including food, retail, leisure, hospitality, health and entertainment. Their destinations which include City Walk, The Beach, Boxpark, Last Exit, The Outlet Village and Kite Beach are open for communities to socialize, explore create and enjoy perfect time there.

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Photos by Last Exit  By Mathew Saas