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4 reasons why spirulina is the Hawaiian super food you need


One of the OGs of the superfood world, spirulina has long been lauded for its absurd nutritional profile. The algae — a not-so-appetising blue-green colour — grows in oceans and salty lakes in subtropical climates such as the amazing Hawai and other pure exotic locations around the world.

What sets spirulina apart from the rest, however, is that it’s full of nutrients not commonly found in many foods or vitamins. Besides significant amounts of calcium, niacin, potassium, magnesium and iron, it’s also a great source of B complex vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin E, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and selenium. Anti oxidants are as expected also abundant, as with essential amino acids ( building blocks of proteins). In fact, up to 70 percent of Spirulina comprises of protein, making it a good alternative for vegetarians and a source of nutrients for athletes.

Commonly available in powdered form, spirulina can be added to your morning smoothie or cup of water (this is not recommended unless you want to start your day off with unpleasantness). For those who can’t get past its extremely unique taste, it’s also available in a more painless capsule form.

Here are some reasons why you should start hitting this miracle algae up, pronto :



Heavy metal detox

Arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury might sound like they have no place outside a chemistry lab, but they’re all naturally occurring compounds that are present in the environment. Over time, these metals accumulate in the body before exacerbating into chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases or heavy metal poisoning. Spirulina reportedly binds with these compounds in the body and removes them. Besides, the high chlorophyl content also removes other toxins from the blood. Combined with zinc, it’s been part of arsenic toxicity treatments in several countries.



Eliminates bad bacteria

Whether you like it or not, we’re walking hosts for a plethora of bacteria, including the commonly known Candida species. When the microflora balance in our body goes out of whack — especially with a diet rich in sugar and the processed ingreds candida overgrowth can wreck havoc by causing yeast infections. Luckily, spirulina happens to be a great anti-microbial agent, especially for candida, and helps promote the growth of healthy bacterial flora in your guts.

Immunity booster

f you’re catching every flu strain there is out there, you’ll probably want to start on some Spirulina. Besides preventing the development of viral infections, it can also enhance the immune system. Its high antioxidants levels also keeps inflammation at bay, which can help alleviate symptoms of  nasal congestion or allergies.

Assists weight loss

Because it’s simultaneously densely packed with nutrients and protein, spirulina takes more energy to metabolism, which curbs hunger while maintaining lean tissue. Choose to have it first thing in the morning in your breakfast smoothie, or chug it before or after a workout session to restore energy and nutrients.








Detox, stretch and dine in  with yoga on the menu 


In doing some sun salutations on the beach while watching the sun set sounds like a nice way to spend a Thursday evening, then Cafe di Roma has just the event for you.

The beachfront cafe, situated in the New Territories, is hosting a “Stretch and De-Stress” event on 29 June which includes a yoga class on the beach followed by a detox dinner. Set against the backdrop of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the class will be taught by well-known yoga instructor Jessica Lee.


After working up a sweat, yogis can head over to the cafe for a meal prepared by celebrity chef Jaakko Sorsa. Options include a smoked salmon niçois salad and a salad with roasted chicken, pumpkin, tomato, mozzarella and couscous. A refreshing summer gazpacho juice made from heirloom tomatoes, celery, cucumber and pear will also be provided. Vegetarian and special dietary options are available upon request.


When: Thursday, 29 June; registration at 5:45pm
Where: Cafe Roma, L1, Shop 7 & 8, Beach Commercial Complex, Park Island, N.T.
Price: HK$150 per person



The luxury jewellery brand and watchmaker Cartier recently launched an advertising film, Panthère Inside, starring Sandra Ma. In the film Sandra can be seen wearing Cartier’s signature Panthère de Cartier watch in 18-carat yellow gold.


The Panthère de Cartier collection is a tribute to modern women who are both beautiful and independent. The film explores a side of Ma that has never been captured on-screen before. Bold and beautiful as the watch she’s wearing, she embodies the grace and confidence of a panther navigating the urban jungle.



Directed by Susie Au, Ma epitomises the modern Chinese woman. Her gentle look hides a confident personality which makes her the perfect model for this collection. Ma says, “My search for my true hidden self led me to be an actor and today I have found another side of me.”


by Maron Kitwichuk

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The New York-A state of mind 


New York has long been an inspiration to entertainers. King of Cool and avant-garde singer-songwriter Lou Reed had a long-standing love affair with the place, and his biggest hit, Walk on the Wild Side, is set on its very streets.

Other musicians have been similarly captivated by the city that never sleeps. Piano man Billy Joel wrote the classic tune New York State of Mind in its honour, and legendary crooner Frank Sinatra possibly summed it up best with his bold, brassy version of New York, New York.

Following in this artistic tradition, our featured home this month is a modern, lofty perch situated above the Museum of Modern Art in one of New York’s most exclusive and stylish locales. The development at 53 West 53rd Street in downtown Manhattan is not yet completed, but it is on track to become one of New York’s ritziest residences. Once finished, the 1,050-foot-high tower will reshape the city’s skyline and become an attraction in its own right.


The tower – dubbed 53W53 – was designed by acclaimed French architect Jean Nouvel. His striking design for the building’s exterior, referred to in the architectural trade as a diagrid (a portmanteau of diagonal grids), is somewhat akin to an abstract sculpture – making it an appropriate home for the three floors of museum gallery space that can be found inside. The building’s intriguing and imposing look beckons the would-be homeowner to explore the world within

Nouvel is a highly credentialed architect and designer, and is worthy of a project of such ambitious scope. A winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, his diverse body of work is as impressive as it is varied. His past projects have included museums, concert halls, luxury residences and cultural commissions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Fondation Cartier in Paris.

One loft in particular at 53W53 is a modern delight fit for a city slicker with refined tastes. Inside the 3,952-square-foot, three-bedroom home, there’s a gracious entry hall, a grandly proportioned living room, a palatial master suite with the aforementioned breathtaking views and two superbly appointed bedrooms, replete with en-suite bathrooms.

Interiors come courtesy of New York-based architect, designer and artist Thierry Despont. In the past, he has lent his talents to the Ritz in Paris, the Dorchester Hotel in London and Harry Winston’s flagship store in Beverly Hills.

Despont’s impeccable taste and attention to detail, apparent in all of his private dwelling projects, is on show here at 53W53 as well. His deft touch is to thank for the understated lighting fixtures and bespoke kitchens and bathrooms found within. Masterfully crafted mahogany doors with custom-designed bronze trim echo the tower’s distinctive outline

Pool_AMENITY_creditHayesDavidson (1)


But best of all, generously proportioned floor-to-ceiling windows allow for expansive views of both Central Park and the Hudson River. As for the building’s location, in terms of entertainment options you really are spoilt for choice. The residence is within walking distance of premiere live venues Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall (located in the Rockefeller Center), plus St Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, Christie’s, Macy’s and the Empire State Building. It’s even a stone’s throw from Trump Tower, which – depending on whose dinner party you’re attending – might or might not be a good thing to mention.

It’s also within a five-minute walk of countless shops, five-star restaurants, health clubs and spas, markets and schools. Top-notch eateries in close range include Randolph’s, China Grill and the 53rd Street Gourmet Deli, and several subways stations are conveniently close by.

The loft – offered by UK real estate agent John D Wood and its US affiliate, Corcoran Group – could be yours for US$18.95 million (HK$147.6 million). Stump up for the annual $8,000 maintenance and common charges fee and the $3,849 monthly management fee and if you’re lucky, you’ll still have enough left over for a bagel and coffee on Lexington Avenue.

If this home doesn’t exactly meet your size requirements, fear not – there are other options available. Each of the 145 apartments at 53W53 is a unique dwelling in its own right. Incredibly, our featured home is not the most expensive one on offer. For those feeling particularly cashed up, its four-bedroom, four-bath – and considerably more spacious – big brother is going for $50.75 million.

Within, it boasts a lobby library with open fireplace, wine vault, a wellness centre, squash courts, a pet-care service, 24-hour concierge and even a doorman to gently remind you to “have a nice day” as you set forth into the wider world. You even get a complimentary membership to the Museum of Modern Arts. And if money is no consideration, there are still other apartments available that are priced up to $70 million.
One of 53W53’s most impressive features is its stunning swimming pool, set against a backdrop of lush vertical gardens that were created by acclaimed French landscape designer Patrick Blanc. There’s a cold-plunge pool, a hot tub and a 65-foot lap pool. At 53W53, the sublime surroundings and luxurious amenities afforded to residents make it easy to forget your problems and kick back by the poolside with Billy Joel crooning from your headphones. After all, life is all the more enjoyable when you’re in a New York state of mind.

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By Cristian Blare

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